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Name: Vikki Havins

Location pushpin Temecula CA

4/7/2017 9:55:40 PM
Recommendation: Yes

The people I worked with both on and off the boat where great. I had a great experience overall.

/ 10

Name: Edward

Location pushpin Australia

4/7/2017 5:16:00 AM
Recommendation: Yes

Ease of booking, communication

/ 10

Name: Tena

Location pushpin Croatia

11/6/2016 1:26:45 PM
Recommendation: Yes

Clean yachts on time

/ 10

Name: Igor Kornalevskiy

Location pushpin Russia

11/6/2016 12:21:27 PM
Recommendation: Yes

Very kind attention through many years, nice base, good boats, best Team!

/ 10

Name: Jörg

Location pushpin Switzerland

11/4/2016 7:55:20 AM
Recommendation: Yes

Everything worked extremely well, great support from the office and the people at the base.

/ 10
353 reviews
  • Croatia

    Prepare for your Sailing in Croatia adventure - learn about the winds in the Adriatic, Croatian culture and Places to Visit. Explore why Croatia is world’s top sailing destination with over a thousand kilometres of coastline and more than 1100 islands scattered around.

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  • Spain

    Passion, beauty, romance and richness of culture – this is what you get with a yacht charter in Spain. Spain is the place of merging of many various nations and cultures making it a very interesting location for embarking on a sailing adventure.

  • HomepageStars.png

    Igor Kornalevskiy

    To my mind your company is the best charter on the Adriatic coast...

  • First Time Sailing.jpg

    You have always been attracted to the sea, the wind in your hair and freedom, and think that sailing might just be right for you? If the answer is "yes", visit our site, learn about yacht charter,sailing and boats, choose your destination and you will be hooked for life.

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    To make your yacht charter holiday more relaxed, we have prepared a number of sailing routes lasting for 7 or 14 days. But if you want to create your own itinerary use our interactive route planner.

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