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Sailing Gifts for Christmas

Here comes the season of worrying about what you will buy for your loved ones for Christmas. If they happen to be in love with sailing, our skipper is here once more to help you with this daunting task!

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A Few Amazing Days Sailing around Central Dalmatia

This October, we spent our team building sailing. We boarded our sailing yachts and catamarans in Rogač, Šolta Island, and visited Hvar and Paklinski Islands. Our 5-day adventure around Central Dalmatia was full of great fun, connecting with our colleagues and beautiful sights. Read more in the post!

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Sailors’ Superstitions

Sailors have many superstitions. They developed them in hope that they will be able to influence weather and prevent storms and sinking. Here is a list of some of the most common superstitions, both those that bring bad luck and those that bring good luck.

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Top 10 Caribbean Beaches

The Caribbean beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. We have chosen ten beaches that we find the most beautiful. Take a look at our list and share your experiences in the comments below!


Why Coral Reef Protection Is Very Important

Coral reefs are one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. They are threatened by climate change and pollution. Find out why they are important and how you can help to protect them.


Why Do They Burn the Boat?

In the old and beautiful village Komiža on Vis island, Croatia, there is a special way of celebrating the day of St. Nicholas. Each year, the local youngsters burn the boat as part of the celebration.


Sailing Is Still a Gentlemen’s Sport

A nice story about good manners of sailors in the racecourse. At the 2008 Olympic Games the Danish team’s mast got broken and the Croatian team lent them their boat. The Danes won the Olympic gold medal and the Croatian team won the Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy.

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Multiple Parties for Just One Regatta

Here is a story about everything but ordinary regatta that takes place between the Croatian islands of Dugi Otok, Ugljan and Pašman – Gladuša. The special thing about this small but interesting regatta is that there are live concerts and parties the night before the race. It is also a very traditional regatta so you won’t miss the traditional march Tovareća mužika or Donkey’s music.


What an Odd Encounter

Sailing can give you many opportunities to meet new people. This is a story about one odd encounter with a very interesting and uncommon person.