How to Charter a Yacht

The first step towards your sailing holidays is finding the right charter yacht. To start you have to choose a type of the boat: sailing yacht, motor yacht, catamaran or gulet. After that you have to choose the brand and the model that will be right for you.

Many factors influence that decision and here we have prepared articles to help you. Discover the importance of the charter yacht age; should you choose on a price alone or not; and finally what are the difference between the bareboat, skippered and crewed yacht.

Is the Age of a Charter Yacht <nb>Important?</nb>
Is the Age of a Charter Yacht Important?

The age of charter yachts should be one of the factors you should consider when choosing a charter yacht.

Choose a Yacht on Price <nb>Alone</nb>
Choose a Yacht on Price Alone

Choosing a charter yacht on price alone is not a good idea. The cheaper the yacht often may mean the bigger the problems.

Bareboat, Skippered or Crewed <nb>Charter?</nb>
Bareboat, Skippered or Crewed Charter?

The bareboat yacht does not have a crew, with skippered yacht charter you rent the boat and a skipper.