Yacht Charter Guide

Preparing for Yacht <nb>Charter</nb>
Preparing for Yacht Charter

Preparing for yacht charter demands a lot of preparation. The first thing is to decide where you want to go sailing.

Yacht Charter <nb>Costs</nb>
Yacht Charter Costs

Price of the vessel rent depends on the vessel type, year of built as well as the period of sailing (the same vessel has different prices in different periods).

What to Take on Sailing <nb>Holidays</nb>
What to Take on Sailing Holidays

The things you should take on your sailing holiday should include the necessities - you do not want to complicate your time off, do you?

Yacht Charter Check-in <nb>Procedure</nb>
Yacht Charter Check-in Procedure

You are typically expected to take over the yacht around 5 p.m. on Saturday. First you need to confirm the official crew list.

Arriving at Charter <nb>Base</nb>
Arriving at Charter Base

You have decided to spend your holidays sailing, you have gathered a trustworthy crew made of your friends and family, you have picked your boat, and the day you finally board the boat is here.

How to Choose a Sailing <nb>Route?</nb>
How to Choose a Sailing Route?

Get acquainted with the destination before leaving - read guide books, google it or ask the people from your charter agency about it.

What to Do During Yacht Charter? <nb></nb>
What to Do During Yacht Charter?

Sailing is exciting and fun. However, there is so much to do during yacht charter than sailing itself: sightseeing, taking photos, fishing...

Yacht Charter Check-out <nb>Procedure</nb>
Yacht Charter Check-out Procedure

Although your charter period is from Saturday to Saturday, you are expected to come back to the charter base on Friday evening.

End of the Yacht Charter <nb>Holidays</nb>
End of the Yacht Charter Holidays

The end of your yacht charter would normally occur on Friday afternoon with you arriving to the charter base.