Yacht Charter Check-in Procedure - What to Expect

Yacht charter check-in procedure is nothing complicated. You would normally arrive to your charter base on Saturday, the first day of your yacht charter holiday.

Arriving at base

You are typically expected to take over the yacht around 5 p.m. If you are to arrive to the base much earlier than the agreed time of take over, please inform your booking agent so that the yacht can be ready for you and you would not have to wait long for it. However, this all depends on how much the charter base is busy that day.

If you are to arrive a few days earlier than agreed, you will need to book accommodation for yourself and your party since the yacht is still going to be occupied with the guests who reserved it for that week. For the check-in, prepare your sailing license, your VHF license, as well as passports or ID cards of everyone in your party.

Crew list and deposit

First you need to confirm the official crew list. To speed up the procedure, it is advised to send your crew list to your charter agency at least seven days before the charter begins. During the check-in, you need to pay the security deposit, which you can tipically pay with either cash or major credit cards.

Technical check-in and briefing

The skipper will be then given the time for technical check-in. During this time, clients are welcome to leave their luggage at the base, wander around or have refreshments in the nearby restaurant. Technical and safety briefing is the last and the most important part of the yacht charter check-in procedure. It lasts around 45 minutes and during this time, all crew members are introduced to the important technical features of the yacht as well as to the on board safety. After this, you are welcome to board the yacht and enjoy your sailing holiday.