How to Choose a Sailing Route?

Choosing a sailing route should not represent a problem.

You should try to see as much as possible of your chosen destination (especially if you are visiting it for the first time) as well as enjoy sailing as much as possible.

Get acquainted with the destination before leaving - read guide books, google it or ask the people from your charter agency about it. However, you should really follow just one rule - your own preferences. 

Getting advice on routes

It is not necessary to have a set sailing route once you get to your charter base to take over the boat. You can always discuss the route with your skipper, if you are getting one. If you are not getting a skipper, let the charter base staff advise you on the interesting routes.
However, if you cannot decide on the route yourself, or simply do not feel like it, charter agencies have already made sailing routes. These suggested sailing routes are made for periods of 7 or 14 days and are represented in a graphic form. You do not have to stick to these routes, you can change them according to your wishes and weather conditions.

Duration of routes and daily sailing

When choosing the sailing route keep in mind that the duration of a route is one week minimum. However, it is possible to charter a boat for less or more than a week in the off season (second half of autumn, winter, first half of spring).

It is recommended to do 3 to 6 hours of sailing per day, or some 15 to 25 NM. You should also keep in mind the fuel consumptions which depends upon the weather conditions and boat size and type. A sailboat consumes  5 to 12 litres fuel per hour, and catamaran from 7 to 12 litres per hour.