What to Take on Sailing Holidays

What to take on sailing holidays depends solely on you and the type of sailing holidays you have in mind. The things you should take on your sailing holiday should include the  necessities since you do not want to complicate your time off, do you?


You should do your grocery shopping before you set off and keep in mind the number of people on board and the time spent on holiday. You will not always be able to eat in a restaurant. Charter boats are equipped with fully functioning kitchen appliances so you are not limited only to sandwiches. Do not forget about your crew either. You should provide meals for your skipper and any other crew members. When it comes to drink, be sure to have enough water on board. Some other kinds of beverage depend purely on your taste.


When it comes to clothing you would want to pack you should keep it simple. Since most people go sailing during summer to some hot destination, shorts, bathing suits, light T-shirts and dresses fall into that category. Do not forget sunglasses and sunscreen. However, no matter how warm and sunny your chosen sailing destination might be, remember that things may get rough out in the open sea. For such cases, take a quality waterproof windbreaker. It would be a good idea to invest into a sailing suit but if you do not want to pursue sailing more seriously, a good windbreaker will be just enough. Also, bring shoes that are non-slip and would stick well to the plastic surfaces of the boat, especially once they gets wet. It is preferable to pack in soft bags since these are easier to stow away in lockers onboard than hard suitcases.

Medications and documents

Some other things you must take with you include towels (if not provided by your charter company). You do not have to take your own bed linen since all the boats come with it. Also, do not forget your prescription drugs, seasickness medications and insect repellents. You will of course need your passport or ID card. You should not forget your sailing certificates if you are going to be the skipper. If you intend to hire a car or motorbike, bring your driving license. It is recommended that you bring a combination of cash and your credit cards.