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Italy -Traffic Connections

In Italy, people drive on the right side of the road.

Travelling by ...


  • Use of mobile phones while driving is not permitted.
  • Maximum permitted amount of alcohol in blood: 0,5 per mill!
  • Unless the traffic signs indicate differently, permitted speed limits are the following:
    • 50 km/h - within built-up areas
    • 90 km/h - outside built-up areas
    • 110 km/h - on major motor routes
    • 130 km/h - on motorways

Toll is paid for highways marked with the letter "A" and a number.
Toll can be paid at toll boxes in cash, with credit card or with the "pre-paid" card (Viacard), which can be bought at news-stands or at gas stations.
For further information about highway network, tolls in Italy, etc. please check Autostrade S.p.A.


Bus lines connect cities and towns. The major Italian bus transport company is SITA S.p.a.


Italy has its own national airline, Alitalia, as well as several smaller companies, such as Meridiana.
There are international flights to the following cities: Milan, Rome, Bologna, Naples, Venice, Trieste, etc.
There are 406 low fare flights to and from Italy. Detailed information about such flights can be found at www.skyscanner.net


At www.trenitalia.com you can find basic information about railway transport in Italy. Italy has quite a good railway network, connecting all bigger Italian towns and tourist destinations with European countries.


The easiest and most comfortable way of travelling to and from Italy is by ship. The connection with Italian islands is quite good - there are regular ferry and hydrofoil boat lines on a daily basis.
For further information about ferry lines: www.ferriesonline.com There are international ferry lines departing from Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia, and arriving in Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi. Regular ferry lines connect the island of Corsica with the major Italian ports in the northern part of the coast (Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia). Apart from that, Sicily is also connected with some of the North African ports.

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