Yacht Charter Malta

Charter a yacht in Malta, the center of the Mediterranean, and you will feel like you have entered a world of olden times. This small archipelago consisting of seven islands of rich variety will make your sailing unforgettable. Here, you will witness a dramatic contrast of colors: turquoise and deep blue waters with bright-colored fishing boats, honey-colored limestone cliffs, clear skies and colorful fiestas.


Explore hidden caves and quiet bays aboard your luxury yacht. Dive into the deep sea, swim with the fish, sunbathe on the red-golden beaches, and visit some of the many charming fishing villages on one of the three main islands. Party at night or relax on your sailing boat.

Malta is a country of amazing beauty with a thousand-year-old history, an eclectic mixture of various cultures and excellent sailing conditions.
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The real highlights of your sailing adventure in Malta are the unique historical sites. Ancient temples, fortified cities, fortress-like hilltop towns are just a small part of this Mediterranean miniature cosmos. Sailing around this eclectic insular nation will leave you breathless, so do not hesitate to rent your boat and make your dream Malta holiday a reality.

Why sailing in Malta?

  • Malta has more than 300 sunny days a year with warm Mediterranean climate. The best time to visit is from March to December.
  • In Malta, you will witness more than 7,000 years of history.
  • Malta has a greater density of historic sights than any other country. It is said that Maltese Islands are one big open air museum.
  • In this country, you can relax on one of the islands, try a new sport, visit the most important historic sites and party all night – all that in a day or two and at the same place.