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When you think of a yacht charter in the Caribbean, you think of an exotic paradise with white powder beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and colorful marine life – a perfect sailing vacation. Comprised of many groups of islands, this sailing destination is famous for its biodiversity. The waters of the Caribbean offer you the richness of fish species, which you can explore on a scuba-diving adventure. Swim over miles of coral reefs, and you may stumble upon an old pirate shipwreck!


Enjoy the laid back atmosphere, explore the rich colonial history, excellent fresh food, carnivals and tropical music with a taste of authentic Caribbean rum, aged well in oak barrels. Wherever you decide to sail with our yacht charter, you will get the real Caribbean experience in which you will not be disappointed.

The Caribbean region is best known for its wonderful beaches and pristine waters, but also for its history mostly marked by a long colonial period.
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Why sailing in the Caribbean?

  • The Caribbean is one of the top destinations for people who like sailing due to its pleasant weather, warm hospitality, colorful culture and plenty of sailing spots.
  • The Caribbean region has more than 7000 islands.
  • The perfect mild climate with its trade winds makes it a year round sailing destination.
  • The Caribbean waters are protected, which is great for sailing beginners, but they can also pose a challenge, which will be greatly appreciated by all expert sailors.
  • The Caribbean gives you an opportunity to spend romantic nights on deserted islands, but you will be also able to spend crazy party nights in luxurious clubs and resorts.

Sailing regions in the Caribbean