Author: Julija Boronjek

Julija is a language and writing enthusiast working at SailingEurope. Loves stargazing and spending time at the seaside. Big dreamer and optimist.

Sailboat Racing And Regattas

Sailboat racing

Would you like to learn more about sailboat racing and regattas? If yes, check out this blog post and get all the neccesary info.

Sailing Knots – Learn How To Tie Sailors Knots

If you want to be a successful sailor, you have to learn how to tie sailing knots

Sailing Quotes And Sailing Phrases

Sailing quotes

If you have mastered the art of sailing and you have started spending more time on board then sailing quotes and phrases are just what you need.

Learning How To Sail – Everything You Need To Know

Learning how to sail

Breaking into the sailing world can be challenging as there is a lot of information to grasp in order to be successful. Whilst learning the basics of sailing will not take too long – becoming a professional can take years, but once you catch that sea bug, there is no getting rid of it – you will want to learn it all.