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Beneteau Platu25 does not belong to the cruiser class but is absolutely worth our attention. It is designed by the renowned Farr Yacht Design studio as one design club racer, a sailboat suitable for daily sailing, teaching and racing. The interior of Platu25 is not equipped with beds, galley and toilets but functions as a storage for sails and other sailing equipment, so a longer stay on board would not be possible unless you are ‘comfort free’ kind of person. Therefore, forget long-legged cruises and focus on an exciting daily or weekend sailing. The yacht is perfect for crews of five, where every single crew member has to be fully focused on what to do, where to sit and how to move on the deck. When perfectly trimmed, Platu25 is a really fast beast, but just a slight lack of attention will turn her into just a floating object, just like a buoy. The deck layout and gear arrangement are designed to be ‘at hand’ and one can intuitively handle the sails. That is why Platu25 is equally suitable for experienced competitors as well as for rookies. [caption id="attachment_4200" align="alignnone" width="2362"]Beneteau Platu25 Source:[/caption] Shallow hull with a long waterline and light displacement along with fine bow sections and powerful stern sections are well combined and balanced for remarkable speeds and maneuverability. The sails set includes a double swept-spreader, fractional rig with a short overlapping headsail and large mainsail along with a spinnaker set on the ‘over-length’ pole, resulting in a strong and reliable high performance rig. Such combination of sails allows effective adjustment under varying wind conditions. Sailing first timers and rookies will definitely learn basic sailing lessons very well aboard Platu25 because every single move of the body, every inch of pulled or eased sheet and even the slightest wind change will be reflected on the movement of the yacht. Intermediate sailors who have already spent some time under sails (of a cruiser) will improve their sailing senses, while experienced sailors will get an extra opportunity to measure the skills of their competitors when sailing Platu25. [caption id="attachment_4199" align="alignnone" width="1920"]Beneteau Platu25 Source:[/caption] Moreover, Platu25 One Design is recognized as a global sailing class so it is possible to achieve even professional career by sailing this exceptional yacht. Last but not least, the class such as Platu25 refers to current growing trend not only as a private project but also within charter industry. Allow yourself some exciting moments and charter one for a weekend and explore the excitement of sailing smaller yachts instead of cruisers. I wish you a calm sea, a fair wind and a strong mast!

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