International Charter Expo 2015

After two very successful gatherings of nautical charter agents, providers, professionals and enthusiasts under the name the Days of Croatian Charter, next edition is going to be held under the name of the International Charter Expo.

The venue of this event will be the brand new event center in Opatija, the pearl of Croatian North Adriatic. First of all, the name had been changed to underline the international character of the event so that, apart form Croatian charter companies, major charter companies from Italy, Greece, Turkey, British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Thailand, Ibiza, the Azores, Mallorca, Sweden, Estonia and Norway will also be included into the exhibitors’ list.

The International Charter Expo 2015 is taking place from February 6th to 8th at “Marino Cvetković” event center in Opatija. It is a brand new venue specially built for conferences, sporting events, fairs and concerts; and is equipped with multiple VIP lounges, meeting rooms, wardrobe, restaurants and bars as well as with spa center.

The event was originally organized in order to gather professionals who come from different areas of nautical tourism but have the same goal – to develop their businesses and add extra value to their offer.

Therefore, the International Charter Expo 2015 is going to gather booking agents, charter fleet owners, skippers, tour operators, representatives of transfer, accommodation and provisioning services, shipbuilders, and many more.

In addition, several panel discussion and expert conference of different fields of legislation, regulation and finance are always a part of the event as well as the opportunity to mingle among professionals, which is probably the best added value to any kind of business.

Our team at International Charter Expo 2015

Make sure that you book your pass to the International Charter Expo 2015 because the time is running and the event is getting more and more popular from year to year. Besides, Opatija is at its most beautiful edition in winter – it used to be Habsburg’s royal family winter residence at the time.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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