How to Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane


In case of a storm it is always recommended to leave the anchorage and your berth in the port until the storm passes. An old seafarers prayer says “Dear God, may my boat save me from the sea and I will save it from the shore”, meaning that no storm will last forever and that it is better to sail out and keep away from the shore during the storm.

5 Most Exclusive Restaurants on the Croatian Coast

Croatian coast is proud of numerous exclusive restaurants offering tasteful specialties of the Mediterannean cuisine and more, including wonderful atmosphere and great winelist. Here is a list of five most exclusive restaurants on the Croatian coast, easily reachable by sailing or motor yachts.

Sail to Trogir and Try to Catch the Hair of Kairos

trogir Croatia

Trogir is a small but beautiful town on the Croatian coast, north of Split. The town has a rich history, which is today witnessed by its architecture, art and culture. Its old core is protected by UNESCO.

Steer Your Yacht to Komiža

The island of Vis lies to the southeast of the major Croatian town Split. Just like its neighbors Brač and Hvar, the island is famous for its number of sunny days. On the western side of the island, there is Komiža, once an important fishing town, now a popular tourist destination.

“The Islands of Hell”

Paklinski Islands

The Pakleni Islands are a beautiful archipelago that lies in the Croatian Adriatic. Their name suggest that the islands are a hellish place, but they are quite the opposite. Small, peaceful and mainly uninhabited, they attract a lot of visitors over the summer. This text will explain you why.

Maslinica – A Fishing Village Turned into a Sailors’ Paradise

Situated on the island of Šolta, Maslinica is a small village with interesting history. It is a stop for everyone who sails from the towns on the coast to the islands in Central Dalmatia. The village is a calm, yet lively place that offers a truly relaxed holiday.

Take a Break, Charter a Yacht and Visit Primošten

Primošten is a small town in Croatia, situated in the coastal region of Croatia. The town is a popular tourist destination, especially in summer months, when the whole region comes alive with people from around the world flocking in to spend their holidays. Once situated on an islet, and nowadays constituting a peninsula, is a beautiful tourist destination situated south of Šibenik, dividing North and South Adriatic.

Sailing into the Mainland – River Krka

Sailing from Šibenik, Croatia through the mouth of river Krka brings the exquisite experience of steering the yacht between steep banks of Krka being given a chance to experience amazing scenery.

Top 5 Places to Visit while Sailing Hvar

Choose Hvar for your yacht charter journey in Croatia and enjoy the authentic spirit of the Mediterranean – breathe in the scent of lavender, take a dip in the crystal clear sea and get to know the charming locals, ready to tell you everything about their beloved island.

North Adriatic Sailing Route


The North Adriatic region of Croatia, also known as Kvarner and Primorje, provides many benefits to all sailing lovers, although it can always surprise with sudden strikes of NE bura or rough SE jugo. Nonetheless, as we can’t do anything about the weather – except follow the forecast and be ready – let’s talk about the wonders of this region and everything it has to offer.

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