The Ultimate Adventure – Sailing Distant Croatian Islands

The island of Sušac, Croatia

Croatia is a land of numerous islands that vary in size, customs, number of inhabitants, etc. Nonetheless, almost all of them have one thing in common – they lie very close to the mainland. The exception to this rule is the collection of islands in the southern part of the Croatian Adriatic. Read more about Sušac, Brusnik, Svetac and Jabuka, and discover how to reach them.

The Winch for Sailing Boats and Motor Yachts

A sailing winch

The most important thing to know about winches is that they all rotate clockwise and clockwise only. They are most commonly accompanied by the ‘handle’. The problems with using the handle are most often linked to determining to which side the winch rotates. The handle can be rotated in both directions, but the winch only clockwise.

The Beauty of the Kornati Islands

Kornati Islands in Croatia

The Kornati archipelago are the most unique collection of islands in the Adriatic Sea. Set in the area of more than 220 sq km, the islands look like a landscape from another planet. Sailing Kornati National Park is an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Stopper on a Sailing Yacht

A stopper on a sailing yacht

The role of a stopper is literally to stop something. It isn’t a player of the opposing team, but the device which stops the rope on the sailing yacht to be pulled uncontrollably. Right timing of releasing and opening a stopper very often means gaining precious seconds when turning the mark during a sailing race.

The Elaphiti Islands

Elafiti islands near Dubrovnik

The Elaphites are a group of islands situated on the west of Croatian old town Dubrovnik. The islands were first mentioned in the 1st century AD, and their name comes from the Ancient Greek word for deer.

Roll Sail or Full Batten Sail: That Is the Question

A sailing boat

One of the most frequently asked questions when choosing a sailing boat at the charter company is whether to choose a boat with a roll mainsail or one with a full batten mainsail. Like most questions, this one has no single answer. Find out more about this everlasting dilemma in our article.

Discover the Central Dalmatian Sailing Route

Dalmatia in general, but Central Dalmatia in particular, can easily be described as the most popular and astonishing sailing region of the Eastern Adriatic. Visit the islands of Drvenik Mali, Šolta, Vis, Hvar and Brač and enjoy the turquoise waters of the Adriatic.

Restaurants in Dubrovnik Area that Sailors Like

The entire Croatian coast is full of excellent restaurants which offer authentic Mediterranean food. Restaurants in the Dubrovnik area are no exception. Spread on the coast and the islands, these restaurants offer the best of the Adriatic.

Follow the Adriatic UNESCO Trail on a Charter Yacht

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Take a cultural tour along Croatia’s beautiful coast and see for yourself what and why UNESCO chose to include in their list. Find out more about the World Heritage Sites in Split, Dubrovnik, Trogir, Šibenik and Hvar.

For All Addicts To Sailing

“’Of all the drugs, the sea is the heaviest!’ Who said that, you or I? I do not remember anymore, but I know exactly where this idea was first uttered. On the west coast of Sumatra, one evening when we sat on the deck and watched the sunset. There! “
This is the sentence from Besa – ship´s log written by Joža Horvat, the most famous Croatian sailor.

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