EmergenSea – Safe Sailing in the Croatian Adriatic


EmergenSea is a range of marine help services at the Croatian Adriatic that solves different problem regarding interventions and help at sea. EmergenSea provides its services through annual or seasonal membership and in cooperation with their partners. They are reliable and professional.

6 Books to Help You Become a Better Sailor


Of course you won’t learn how to sail only by reading books, but they are useful for anybody who wants to improve their sailing skills and technique, learn more about sailing theory, safety or if you are interested in sailing races.

Guarding the Waters of Split – ACI Marina Milna

ACI Marina Milna is situated in a deep bay on the popular Croatian island of Brač. The marina lies in the western part of the island, in a strait that connects the city of Split with the rest of the Adriatic. That is why Milna has been an important stop for sailors throughout centuries. The marina offers a variety of services, and is a great starting point for exploring the island.

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