Mantus anchor

Innovative Anchor Design from Mantus

Mantus anchors represent a new and innovative line of anchors. They dig into the seabed very quickly and hold strong strongly to it. This line comes with more then 10 available anchors, which are same in design but vary in weight – from 1 kg to 80 kg.

Anchors and Anchoring (Part 2)

Anchoring is one of the basic and most crucial sailing maneuvers. There is an unwritten codex of behavior when anchoring in anchorages, the most important rule being allowing other yachtsmen to perform anchoring in peace. Various types of anchors are designed to suit various types of seabeds. Read all about this in our second post in the series about anchoring.

About Anchors and Anchoring (Part 1)

Anchoring is one of the basic and most important sailing maneuvers. It is not that difficult to perform, but can sometimes be tricky, depending on the seabed, the type of the anchor and other factors. Sometimes, it is necessary to repeat it several times so that you could anchor the yacht properly and provide safety for the passengers. Read the first part of our series of posts about proper anchoring!


Is Your Anchor Still Holding?

Luckily there is an application which helps skippers have a peaceful night and take a rest for another day of sailing. It is the most complete system to monitor anchoring – Anchor Safe Monitor helps you control monitors your mooring state in real-time.