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Smartphone App for Marine Mammals – CROdolphin_little

CROdolphin_little is a smartphone application which enables its users to send a message to a monitoring database when they spot a dolphin. The application has been designed by a team in Croatia with the main purpose of protecting dolphins in the Adriatic. Every yachtsmen or person who chartered a yacht can contribute to their protection if they get lucky enough to spot these magnificent creatures.

Real Sailing Cannot Be Substituted, but Just Give It a Try – SailSim

SailSim is an application that simulates sailing conditions on the screen of a smartphone or tablet that uses iOS. You can adjust and customize all the parameters that matter for your sailing and the application will calculate it and show you the effects of your maneuvers. This application is available at the App Store.

Easier Path to Favorite Marinas and Beaches in Greece, Turkey and Croatia – Online

A new online nautical guide for the most popular sailing destinations in Europe – Greece, Turkey, Croatia – is called mySea. It is a database with more than 25.000 points of interest for sailors and travelling enthusiasts. Anyone can upload new data accompanied by a real photo. mySea will soon be available as an application for your smartphone.

A Smartphone App That Helps You Improve Sailing Performance

Sailbot Sailing Instrument is a simple and not too expensive application that turns your smartphone or a tablet into a helping sailing instrument. The application is especially useful for those whose sailing boat isn’t equipped with sophisticated sailing instruments and which initial purpose is not racing.

Sentinel Marine Solutions When Your Yacht Needs a Babysitter

Sentinel Marine Solutions, a small innovative company from Croatia developed a “babysitter” for your yacht during the wintertime. Sentinel is a revolutionary, sophisticated, simple and efficient system with a central unit and a series of sensors placed on your yacht. The owner is alarmed of any change of state through a mobile application.

Bavaria+ – an Excellent New Service for Yachts

A new smartphone application called Bavaria+ is an app that provides you with information about your Bavaria yacht and offers you tips about how to use different systems on your vessel. In the app’s shop, you can find spare parts for your yacht. In development is also a part that introduces users to tricks regarding handling and maneuvering your yacht. Read more!

Shaka – Mobile Wind/Weather Station In Your Hand

Estonian developers called Shaka company presented their revolutionary devices known as Shaka Wind Meter and Shaka Weather Station. The device looks like a small key chain in the shape of propeller. The software that does the measuring is available online as a free application.

Smartphone Application to Save Life

Man overboard situation happens more often than we think and is more dangerous than we think as well. Even with low boat speeds a person fallen off could be quite away from the boat in less than a minute. Some more sophisticated GPS devices are equipped with MOB (man overboard) button which, when pushed, which saves the position and guides helmsman to the spot where the button is pushed.

Is Your Anchor Still Holding?

Luckily there is an application which helps skippers have a peaceful night and take a rest for another day of sailing. It is the most complete system to monitor anchoring – Anchor Safe Monitor helps you control monitors your mooring state in real-time.

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