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Travel the World Sailing

Travel the world sailing and discover best sailing destinations throughout the world. The immensity of the Atlantic, Indian and the Pacific Oceans hides amazing gems yet to be discovered while sailing.

Let’s Cross the Atlantic, Why Not?

My friend and skipper decided take the job and transfer a yacht from Almeria, Spain to the Caribbean. The preparation was split into two parts – one was reserved for education while the other was reserved for equipping and refitting the yacht.

The Journey across the Atlantic Comes to an End

The journey across the Atlantic is reaching its end. Nights are spent in keeping watches, and days in admiring beautiful but potentially dangerous whales. Barbados is spotted long before it is finally reached, and the journey ends in the proper Bajan fashion.

A Chase across the Atlantic – the Transatlantic Race

Oftentimes, people dream of achieving great things with which they could prove their abilities and maturity. Athletes dream of winning the Olympics, mountain climbers of climbing the tallest mountain, footballers of winning the World Cup… To European skippers and sailors, the confirmation of their skill comes by crossing the Atlantic.

An Office That Sails the World

Coboat is a catamaran that sails the world and functions as an innovative workspace. It sets off in November form Southeast Asia and will house digital nomads, experts an professionals who are fed up with the conventional way of working and are willing to help each other in their projects. Likewise, the boat leaves zero carbon footprint. The main purpose of Coboat is building a better and cleaner world.

The Traverse

In this post we are talking about a sailing route from Almeria, Spain through the Strait of Gibraltar. However, the crew wanted to visit the Cabo Verde, so they had to steer alongside the coast of Africa, which eventually led them to the Caribbean!

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