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That’s My Caprice!

Most people follow a certain pattern in life – they grow up, finish their education, get a job and start a family. They all have their dreams, but, for some reason, they are afraid to realize them, and then grow old and regret not trying. This is a story about a man who believed his guts and got what he wanted.

The International Association of Cape Horners

The International Association of Cape Horners is an organization that gathers people who have sailed around Cape Horn, one of the least hospitable places in the world. It is said that, since 1953, more people have climbed Mount Everest than sailed around this cape.

Foiling around Cape Horn

Frank Cammas has recently become the first person to cross Cape Horn in a foiling catamaran. This achievement contradicts the opinion that we have already achieved everything. The truth is, there is no limit to human possibilities. Likewise, sailing sport is developing on a daily basis. New techniques and categories are constantly introduced. That is why records will always be broken.

Rounding Cape Horn, or How Dreams Come True

One of the most dangerous places in the world is certainly Cape Horn on the south of Chile. And although many people have died trying to round the cape, there are still numerous others who try to do it every year. There is even an association who gathers people who have rounded Cape Horner. This is a story of one such person.

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