cooking aboard


Spring Delight

We have already written how every culture and community have their own signs of knowing when one season ends and another begins. People who are closely in touch with nature can predict such changes better than anyone else. Our skipper has his own way or predicting when spring will arrive. To learn how having good taste in food can announce you the beginning of spring, read this story!

Cooking Aboard a Sailing Yacht Does Not Have to Be a Horror

One of inevitable facts about planning a sailing trip is for sure nutrition and food provisioning. This is the point where a lot of people get into the trouble. Modern lifestyle and pretty fast tempo of our lives off board make us dependent on daily visits to diners, fast-food restaurants, takeaway bars and food deliveries. In addition, that lifestyle keeps us away from the kitchen, so modern people are forgetting how to cook…

Cheap Trick for Cooking Fish on Board

Cooking fish on board a yacht can be a tricky business, especially when it refers to grilling and frying. For a start, not many sailing yachts are equipped with an on-board grill. Second, open fire ashore is strictly forbidden in Croatia. Finally, the smell of a cooked fish can linger on your yacht for days. Our skipper brings you a cheap trick for cooking fish on board, and it involves a tin foil. Learn more!


Pasta Kings – Fusilli

Pasta is easy to prepare and goes well with every sauce. And what is more important, it is very practical to serve onboard. Since I was in the mood for pasta, I decided to prepare it at home and share with you a simple but always tasteful recipe. My favourite pasta shape – fusilli is mixed with canned tomatoes and tuna. Simple but delicious!

Marinated sardines as a cool snack

Marinated sardines are the most appropriate seafood meal for hot summer days during the sailing trip. Preparation is really very simple, with lots of  Mediterranean herbs, vinegar, lemon and olive oil. With this meal, you will not make a mess in your galley and you will eat something really original and traditional in the Croatian Adriatic.

Salad Is More than Just a Side Dish

Salad – fruit or vegetable – is an ideal meal onboard. It is easy to prepare, has high nutritional value, is refreshing and contains great deal of liquid and vitamins. You can experiment with the ingredients and with the dressing. To enrich your salad you can add tuna, chicken, beef, cheese… whatever you like!


Meatballs – The Offer You Cannot Refuse

The sailing experience across the Mediterranean is never truly complete without preparing an authentic Mediterranean dish. There are plenty of simple and tasteful dishes that you can make on your yacht. Salads, pasta and fish are the most common sailing meals, but there are many others that you can try as well. This time, I will teach you how to prepare – meatballs.