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Discovering Island Interiors

When people visit islands on their sailing trips, they oftentimes just stick to the coast and the nearby restaurants. That is a shame because island interiors can hide just as spectacular secrets as the coast. One of the great ways to discover entire islands is by bike. Read our skipper’s suggestion on what to see withing some of the Croatian islands!

ACI Cres – The Marina in an Amphitheater of Olives

ACI Cres is in a deep and safe bay surrounded by slopes covered in olive trees, in the vicinity of Cres Town. The marina has 458 mooring berths and 120 dry berths. ACI Cres provides you with an extraordinary tranquility and breathtaking environment.

North Adriatic Sailing Route

The North Adriatic region of Croatia, also known as Kvarner and Primorje, provides many benefits to all sailing lovers, although it can always surprise with sudden strikes of NE bura or rough SE jugo. Nonetheless, as we can’t do anything about the weather – except follow the forecast and be ready – let’s talk about the wonders of this region and everything it has to offer.

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