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Glamorous New Year’s Eve on a Sailing Yacht

Christmas time reminded me of an event that occurred a few years ago. My wish to spend the NYE on a sailing yacht was suddenly granted by an agent whose customers were looking for a skipper. What began like a night of disaster turned out to be a wonderful night thanks to some mulled Dalmatian red wine and Maritimo’s bar in Sali.

Telašćica Nature Park

Among numerous Croatian islands, Dugi Otok has one of the longest coastlines. After all, its name, when translated, means “long island”. There are many places to visit on this interesting island, and one of the most beautiful is Telašćica Bay. To discover what makes this nature park worth visiting, read the rest of the article!

Sali – A Library in the Port!

Regardless of their excellence, most ports and marinas are rather generic. They all look the same and offer, more or less, the same services. That is why it is sometimes refreshing to stumble upon one that is so different from other marinas. Marina in Sali, Croatia, is one of those special places that wins you over with its uniqueness, mainly due to its charming library.

Fine Shelter and Good Anchorage on Dugi Otok

On Dugi Otok, in the Zadar archipelago, you can find a secure shelter for your charter yacht. There are two safe bays that provide anchorages for your yacht: the southern Brbinj bay and the northern Lučina bay. There you will encounter a very polite and cheerful anchorage operator and staff.

Multiple Parties for Just One Regatta

Here is a story about everything but ordinary regatta that takes place between the Croatian islands of Dugi Otok, Ugljan and Pašman – Gladuša. The special thing about this small but interesting regatta is that there are live concerts and parties the night before the race. It is also a very traditional regatta so you won’t miss the traditional march Tovareća mužika or Donkey’s music.

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