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Where to Eat in Rogač, Šolta

Rogač is the main port of Šolta island. Unfortunately, it only has one restaurant, the very good Pasarela, which cannot receive all visitors. Luckily, there is one more restaurant in the area. It is called Momčin dvor and is situated in the nearby village Grohote. Just like the village, the tavern has an old-fashioned atmosphere that witnesses the village’s rich agricultural past. The owners of the tavern keep the island’s tradition of simple meals.

Fish & Go Korčula – where the Old Friends and Brothers Meet

Fish’n’Go is a fish&chips restaurant in Korčula, Croatia. We highly recommend its fried squids with white sauce and fried chicken wings with red sauce. The owner is also a mixologist cocktails are the must!

La Marinella

La Marinella is one of the most famous restaurants in North Adriatic. The menu abounds in exquisite seafood specialties, traditional Triestine sweets and an amazing wine collection. The staff is friendly and cheerful with a friendly personal approach. La Marinella offers a great view of the Gulf of Trieste.

Recommendations – A Double-Edged Sword

De gustibus non est disputandum… that is true, but a good skipper will always recommend a fine restaurant that suits your wishes. If he goes the extra mile to make a reservation and guarantees for the restaurant, take his advice and order the house special. You won’t be disappointed.

Wine Clubbing in Hvar – Red Red Wine

Red Red Wine bar in Hvar is located in the very core of Hvar town. This bar walks you through Hvar wine story. There are a lot of interesting details and the interior is very romantic. The owner, Bruno, will walk you through the offer of the bar or you can take one of his wine tours.

Bokeria – A Touch of Barcelona in Split

Bokeria in Split is a combination of a bar, tavern and restaurant, located in the space known as the “Mikačić’s store”. It’s a tapas-bar in Dalmatian way. Bokeria is run by a Croatian masterchef Dino Galvagno and offers delicious cold starters, appetizing first courses, savory pastas, exquisite main courses and tasty seafood meals.

Lovište and Konoba Barsa at the Gate of Pelješac

When you arrive to Lovište, a small village at the gate of Pelješac peninsula, you can find a beautiful small family restaurant named Barsa. This konoba (tavern) is open form mid-May to mid-October in the afternoon and evening. The atmosphere and the offer of the konoba are exceptional.

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