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Galatea – A Maritime Problem-Solving Center

Galatea Team is a professional help and assistance network that has an international team of experts to solve problems and provide help to skippers. The heart of the Galatea system is a massive data of technical specifications and user manuals. They also have a platform called MyBoats, for smartphone and tablet computers.

A Firefighting Aircraft Accident?

This post is meant to remind you about maritime safety and communication, especially in firefighting aircraft accident. Following rules and regulations ensures the protection of human life and health. If you see an accident on sea, it is important to report your position and status and wait for further instructions by the commanding officer of search and rescue action.

Sea Help – You Never Sail Alone

You can feel a little safer when sailing if you know that there is Sea Help, a network of operative bases which provide non-emergency services such as towing, spare parts delivery, engine failure assistance, etc. Sea Help is divided into four zones: Baltic Sea, Adriatic Sea, Balearic Islands and Southern Italy.

Sea-Help: a Useful Application You Will Hopefully Never Have to Use

The new version of the Sea-Help app has finally arrived. The software is very useful for sailors who experience an accident at sea. The app also offers useful information, for example the user’s distance from gas stations on the Adriatic.

Sea Tow – More Than Help When You Run Out of Fuel

When you get into trouble at sea, you can always turn to Sea Tow. Sea Tow is a well trained and organized marine service ready to assist you with problems such as engine failure, grounding, water intake, sinking,… Their services are available throughout the USA. In Europe Sea Tow is available in the Netherlands, Balearic Islands and Croatian Adriatic.

EmergenSea – Safe Sailing in the Croatian Adriatic

EmergenSea is a range of marine help services at the Croatian Adriatic that solves different problem regarding interventions and help at sea. EmergenSea provides its services through annual or seasonal membership and in cooperation with their partners. They are reliable and professional.

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