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Gastronomic Holy Trinity

Gregada originates from the old fishermen tradition. It is a traditional dish of Croatian Adriatic that includes fish, onions and potatoes. There are many variations but the most famous one is hvarska gregada, from the island of Hvar. It doesn’t matter which wine you choose, it will go great with the gregada.

Marinated sardines as a cool snack

Marinated sardines are the most appropriate seafood meal for hot summer days during the sailing trip. Preparation is really very simple, with lots of  Mediterranean herbs, vinegar, lemon and olive oil. With this meal, you will not make a mess in your galley and you will eat something really original and traditional in the Croatian Adriatic.

How to Save a Fish when You Cook Too Much or Savur

What to do when you have too much grilled fish or just a lot of sardine leftovers? In Dalmatia you make savur or saur. It is a perfect way to store fish. You need to prepare the marinade and the fish separately, then mix it all together. Fish prepared this way can last for days and is very refreshing served as a starter.

“The Oasis of Life in the Middle of Nowhere”

On the far south part of Pelješac peninsula, there is a small hidden bay, surrounded by mountains and hills – Kobaš bay. This bay also hides something every foodie would appreciate – Niko’s fishermen house. Here, you will not only eat delicious, homemade and fresh food, but also find out about the owner’s family history and tradition.

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