People on a yacht

Leave Your Prejudice and Keep on Sailing!

Sometimes in life, we are encountered with things with which we have never dealt before. Our skipper has recently participated in a flotilla which hosted a group of people with special needs. At first he was a bit scared because he did not know how to behave and or what he could expect. But very soon he relaxed and found out that he just had to be himself in order to understand others the best. Read his amazing story here.

People on a yacht

Flotilla Sailing – Is It Really Something for Me?

The flotilla is an organized type of a sailing strip in which participants are provided with extra services by the organizer. The flotilla members can feel as relaxed as possible and do not have to take care about the “boring stuff” of a trip. This is very helpful if you are about to sail some new and unfamiliar waters. Choosing to sail in a flotilla is also excellent because it can help you discover destinations that you would not find yourself. Likewise, it is a social activity, so you are bound to meet some new friends!

Flotilla Sailing Gives a New Perspective on Your Holidays

If you possess a skipper’s licence and have some sailing experience but are not confident about sailing in unknown areas, flotilla sailing is the right choice for you. The general route is presented to every flotilla member along with photos and impressions from previous groups. Prior to taking off, every skipper is provided with detailed instructions. The flotilla leader makes sure that every boat has taken off and confirms their right heading.