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Capri – Favorite Sailing Destination in the Tyrrhenian Sea

Favored by the Roman emperors, 19th century aristocracy and numerous artists, Capri is one of the most famous sailing destination. Situated in the Bay of Naples, Capri is full of spectacular views and enchanting palaces. Sail to Capri to rub shoulders with jet-setters, visit its luxury boutiques and fancy restaurants, among other things.

Try Sicilian Specialties in La Scaletta, Marettimo

La Scaletta is a restaurant, a snack and café bar and also a gelateria and pasticceria. The guests enjoy the simple, yet exquisite taste of Mediterranean food. The restaurant was featured in Jamie Oliver’s special “Jamie’s Great Italian Escape”.

Sailing Around Sicily – the Egadi Islands

Sicily is a large island whose beauties and secrets cannot be discovered during a single sailing trip, which is why it has to be visited more than once. During one of those visits, be sure to sail around the Egadi Islands, which offer peace, isolation and beautiful sea.

Top 10 Places to Visit when Sailing around Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island in Italy and the Mediterranean. Set between Europe and Africa, it displays the influences of both in its incredible nature and interesting culture. As it is a quite large island, a sailing journey around its entire coast takes up a lot of time, so we recommend you go at it one section at a time.

Sailing Adventure Around the Pontine Islands

The Pontine Islands is an archipelago situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the west coast of Italy. The archipelago consists of six island, most of which are largely uninhabited. This is why the islands are perfect for people who want to relax in absolute peace.

Sailing Sicily

Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean. The centre of the region is Palermo. It is crucial to make a detailed plan when sailing around Sicily because it is quite impossible to visit everything in one week due to its size. Sicily offers something for everyone – history, beautiful nature and an amazing sailing experience.

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