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Sailing Around Sicily – the Egadi Islands

Sicily is a large island whose beauties and secrets cannot be discovered during a single sailing trip, which is why it has to be visited more than once. During one of those visits, be sure to sail around the Egadi Islands, which offer peace, isolation and beautiful sea.


Middle Sea Race – In the Heart of the Mediterranean

Rolex Middle Sea Race is a major Mediterranean sailing event. This sailing race was founded in 1968 by Paul and John Ripard and Jimmy White, all members of the Royal Malta Yacht Club. The best observation about this race came from Ted Turner.

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Still Stuck Under the Heel of the Italian Boot

Gallipoli in the Italian Gulf of Taranto has always been a safe harbour and an important base for Ionian seafarers. Gallipoli offers beautiful beaches, historical sites, a romantic atmosphere of the old Mediterranean town and a vivid night life.

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Under the Italian Boot

Taranto is an ancient town in the Bay of Taranto, on the west side of Salentino peninsula. The town is well protected from typical Ionian winds, scirocco and mistral. The marina is located on the N side and can accommodate 250 yachts.


Polignano a Mare – Steep Cliffs and White Sand Beaches

Polignano a Mare is located 30 km south of Bari and it is one of the most popular summer destinations in Italy. Steep cliffs, monumental watchtowers, nice and colorful beaches, interesting architecture and the soon opening of the Cala Ponte marina make it a perfect place to spend your sailing vacation.

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La Marinella

La Marinella is one of the most famous restaurants in North Adriatic. The menu abounds in exquisite seafood specialties, traditional Triestine sweets and an amazing wine collection. The staff is friendly and cheerful with a friendly personal approach. La Marinella offers a great view of the Gulf of Trieste.


Barcolana – No Doubt About the Beginning of October

The Barcolana regatta is the largest and the most visited sailing regatta in the Mediterranean. It was first held in 1969 in front of Trieste. This year’s edition starts on October 4th and ends on October 12th. A variety of races guarantees a great time for everyone.

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Sea Help – You Never Sail Alone

You can feel a little safer when sailing if you know that there is Sea Help, a network of operative bases which provide non-emergency services such as towing, spare parts delivery, engine failure assistance, etc. Sea Help is divided into four zones: Baltic Sea, Adriatic Sea, Balearic Islands and Southern Italy.

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No More Gap Between Montenegro and Greece

Sailing in and out of the Adriatic Sea has been made easier. Marina di Orikum, situated at the south part of the bay of Vlorë, is the second biggest Albanian port and functions as a part of a hotel and residential establishment. The bay of Vlorë and marina di Orikum are well protected by Karaburun peninsula, perfect for development of nautical and tourist facilities.