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Lagoon 630 MY

Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht had her premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival. She was born as a result of cooperation between Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost naval architects’ studio and the Nauta Design studio. Lagoon 630 MY was built on the basis of successful sailing yacht catamaran Lagoon 620.

Small and Adorable – Catamaran Lagoon 380

Lagoon 380 is a small catamaran that can provide everything you need for a nice holiday. It comes in two versions: with three or four cabins. The equipment packages range has three levels – Essential, Cruising and Comfort option. Take care of your charter catamaran Lagoon 380 and she will respond with decent and smooth sailing.

Lagoon 400 S2 – the Balance Between Hull Space and Performance

Lagoon 400 S2 remained faithful to brand values such as elegance, ergonomic, contemporary design and comfort. The new details contributed to a completely new image of the yacht. Large windows, special isolation foam, double flooring system and wide transom skirts provide a comfortable stay and easy sailing on Lagoon 400 S2.

A Sure Guarantee of Performance – Lagoon 620

That’s how this flagship catamaran is advertised… So let’s see what we get under such title. It is a 62 feet long and 31 feet wide catamaran. Impressive at first sight! This massive beauty is powered by 243…

Are You in Doldrums, or You Are Just Feeling Blue, or What?

Doldrums is the area located 5°north and south of the equator, also known as the Intertropical Convergence Zone because that is where the Trade Winds converge in the this region, producing convectional storms. It is a sailing area of low pressACure caused by the heat at the equator which results in stillness.

The Queen of Charter – Catamaran Lagoon 450

The Lagoon 450 is a large and comfortable catamaran that is a successor of the multihull Lagoon 440. It has a hardtop deck and spacious sunbathing surface just in front of the skipper. Lagoon 450 is often equipped with a generator to power the air conditioning and other devices.

Lagoon 39 – An Updated Successor of Lagoon 380

Lagoon 39 is a foot longer than its bigger sister. It comes in several interior layout options – 2, 3 or 4 double cabins. That is enough room for up to 8 people to be accommodated very comfortably. Nauta Design emphasized the interior’s ergonomic, elegance and simplicity.

Lagoon 421 – Longer and Better

Lagoon 421 is another model made as an improvement of the previous model Lagoon 420. The new model is available in three or four cabin versions, depending on the owner’s demands and sailing schedule. All the improvements brought the Lagoon 421 additional comfort and improved elegance.

Home Afloat – Catamaran Lagoon 400

Lagoon Catamarans were founded in 1984 and have specialized in the production of multihulls. Lagoon 400 provides large and spacious areas for accommodation. The interior hides a very well lit and ventilated galley, chart table and living room with a sofa and a small table.

5 Best Charter Catamarans

Here is a list of five catamarans. It consists of five excellent vessels which all have distinctive features. The catamarans are listed according to the author’s preferences. Read about Eleuthera 60, Sanya 57, Voyage 500, Nautitech 542 and Lagoon 450.

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