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The Island of Lastovo

The Island of Lastovo belongs to a group of remote and relatively isolated South Adriatic islands that is also referred to as the Lastovo archipelago. Lastovo is located some 7 NM south of the island of Korčula and 16 NM west of the northern cape of the island of Mljet.

Discovering Island Interiors

When people visit islands on their sailing trips, they oftentimes just stick to the coast and the nearby restaurants. That is a shame because island interiors can hide just as spectacular secrets as the coast. One of the great ways to discover entire islands is by bike. Read our skipper’s suggestion on what to see withing some of the Croatian islands!

Latest News from Skrivena Luka on Lastovo

Skrivena luka is a small bay situated on the southern part of Lastovo island. There is an old lighthouse which announces the entrance to the bay. It is the second oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic. There is a fantastic restaurant in Skrivena luka called Porto Rosso, which serves excellent traditional meals. A small marina lies in front of the restaurant. You do not have to be the restaurant’s guest to moor your yacht there.

Playing Hide and Seek in the Adriatic – Skrivena Luka

Skrivena Luka is a beautiful bay on Lastovo island. It is located on the southern part of the island and is declared a part of Lastovo Natural Park. Another reason to visit Lastovo is the lighthouse Struga. The lighthouse keeper provides accommodation within the lighthouse so you can enjoy the isolated life for a while.

The Bay of Heavenly Tastes – Zaklopatica Bay

If you visit Lastovo island, you are destined to have a great time. Besides swimming in the beautiful Zaklopatica bay, exploring the island by bike or sailing around the area, be sure to visit Konoba Triton, one of the best restaurants on the island.

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