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Roaring Waves and a Brave Captain

Lighthouses are fascinating places, not just because of their function, but also because of their solitude. Living in a lighthouse may seem as an interesting feat, but it is not always quiet, relaxing and simple. Here is a story about a child who got ill on a lighthouse, and who could not be helped by the public services because of a terrible storm.

Check Your Coordinates, Please!

Bura is the strongest wind that blows in the Croatian Adriatic. Make sure you never sail out in case of bura. If you do, however, find yourself in the open sea, make sure you establish your exact coordinates, and then call for help. Read a story about how one such sailing trip during bura almost ended in tragedy.

I Want to Fly the Helicopter, Too!

Some distant and unpopulated Croatian islands are home to big lighthouses, which have their own keepers. Sometimes, an unpredictable situation may occur, and the keepers and their families need urgent medical assistance. In that case, call a helicopter!

Horror at the Lighthouse

Life at sea is not always nice and easy and neither is life at the lighthouse. It can often be very hard and solitary with the lack of company. I recommend you not to read this post if you don’t like scary and tragic stories.

He Simply Loves Lighthouses

Story of the 56 lighthouses in the Adriatic, all built in the 19th century by the Austrian Empire. The goal was to fortify the boarders of the empire and to make seafaring throughout the Adriatic safer and easier. Mitja Župančič from Slovenia studied those lighthouses and wrote a book about them.

Living in a Lighthouse

When thinking about life at a lighthouse, one always thinks of a solitary and a bit lonely lifestyle. However, when you hear lighthouse keepers talking about their home, you soon realize that living in a lighthouse is much more than that. Take a look how one reluctant lighthouse keeper fell in love with her new life.

A Lighthouse or a Secret Love Nest?

First data on lighthouses in the east Adriatic dates to the 3rd millennium B.C. Those buildings were stone made constructions on the top of hills above natural ports. Ancient people used to burn bonfires there and call it ‘the lighthouse’.

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