How to Successfully Communicate with Croatian Mariners – Part 2

Sailing the Adriatic is a truly enjoyable experience. The nature is beautiful, the weather sunny, and the atmosphere is both calm and dynamic. There are places where you can enjoy privacy, and towns where you can get lost in the crowds. If you are sailing on a yacht, read our final post in a short series to learn how to communicate with the mariners in the ports, so that you avoid any potential stress while on your vacation.

The Olive Island Marina

The Olive Island Marina on Ugljan, Croatia, combines an easy-going island atmosphere with a cosmopolitan lifestyle, so it is a perfect destination for leisure tourism. The marina is far less crowded than other marinas in the neighborhood, and is in the vicinity of numerous sailing destinations, which makes it a worthy stop on your sailing journey.

A Simple Diner as a Highlight of a Sailing Trip

Arriving to the starting point of a sailing trip, your charter base, in many occasions includes a long and exhausting ride. The perfect option to avoid stress while waiting your turn for check-in would be to take a refreshment at marina bar or restaurant. Pub-restaurant Gušt is the perfect option if you chartered your yacht at D-Marin marina Mandalina in Šibenik.