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Have You Met the Mediterranean Monk Seal?

The Mediterranean Monk Seal has been considered extinct in Croatia since 1960’s when the last specimens were caught. But, several years ago it was spotted nearby Cape Kamenjak on the south side of Istria peninsula and on a city beach of Pula, also in Istria. It was sunbathing and taking a nap.

Smartphone App for Marine Mammals – CROdolphin_little

CROdolphin_little is a smartphone application which enables its users to send a message to a monitoring database when they spot a dolphin. The application has been designed by a team in Croatia with the main purpose of protecting dolphins in the Adriatic. Every yachtsmen or person who chartered a yacht can contribute to their protection if they get lucky enough to spot these magnificent creatures.

Have You Seen a Sea Turtle?

Sea turtles, that have a lifespan of up to 200 years, are in major threat due to humans. It is estimated that some 2500 sea turtles are caught by trawling nets in the eastern Adriatic and 3600 more in the western Adriatic every year. If you see a turtle floating helplessly in the Croatian Adriatic, contact the Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation.

Everybody Likes Dolphins…

Dolphins are wonderful creatures that live in the open sea in constant move. We should all learn to respect their habitat and educate ourselves about how to behave when we spot one. Blue Water Institute of Marine Research and Conservation, an organization from Veli Lošinj, Croatia can provide you with all the necessary information.

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