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Enjoy a Traditional Turkish Meal on the Terrace of the Lovely Deniz Kizi in Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris is a very popular sailing destination in Turkey. When you arrive there, you will want to try traditional Turkish food. We recommend the Deniz Kizi restaurant in the small village of Sögüt in the Marmaris province. Their menu includes daily fresh fish and seafood, as well traditional dishes.

Spots to Visit When You’re Sailing in Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris is one of the top sailing destinations in the Mediterranean and if you decide to charter a yacht there or happen to find yourself sailing in the vicinity, you will surely want to know which restaurants are worth a visit.

Sailing Holidays in Turkey, a Country of Gulets

Located on the crossroads of the European and Oriental, Turkey offers a two-in-one experience.

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