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How Much Does It Cost to Spend One Week Under Sails?

One of the most frequent and most rarely answered questions about sailing is: “How much does it cost?” The reason why it is impossible to give a simple answer is the fact that there are numerous factors that should be taken into consideration. They include location, time of the year, the number of persons aboard and the type of the yacht. Likewise, there are additional cost that should be considered. This interesting post will give you a thorough insight into the costs of sailing.

How to Organize a Sailing Trip and Charter a Boat

Things to think about when planning a sailing trip on a charter yacht: budget, type of boat, destination, crew and who is in charge on the boat. One tip: avoiding the high season does not only mean avoiding high prices of charter, but could also provide lower prices of other aspects of sailing holidays, such as berth fees, restaurant prices, fish and food prices at the markets, etc.

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