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Eating in the Highlands of Šolta

One of the best places to eat on the Croatian island of Šolta is definitely a tavern called Štandarac. It is situated in the village of Gornje Selo, close to the highest peak of the island. There, guests can try the traditional food prepared under peka. The specialties of the restaurant include veal under peka and octopus under peka. You can try food prepared in other styles as well, and many ingredients are produced domestically. Whatever you eat, just announce your arrival in advance.

Konoba Belin, Island of Korčula

Outside of the historic Korčula town lies a small village of Žrnovo which hides one of the best restaurants on Korčula, “Konoba Belin”. There, you will receive a warm welcome and will soon enjoy the friendly atmosphere and delicious meals made from organic products. Discover it with us!

Lambs of Kornati

Every sailor is attracted to Kornati National Park in Croatia. This is not just because of the stark, bare land set against the bluest shade of the blue waters. It is not because of the peace and tranquility that surround the islands like a soothing mist in the early autumn morning. It is because of something else – it is about great food.

A Simple Diner as a Highlight of a Sailing Trip

Arriving to the starting point of a sailing trip, your charter base, in many occasions includes a long and exhausting ride. The perfect option to avoid stress while waiting your turn for check-in would be to take a refreshment at marina bar or restaurant. Pub-restaurant Gušt is the perfect option if you chartered your yacht at D-Marin marina Mandalina in Šibenik.

Stončica Bay, Vis Island – Much More than Just a Safe Anchorage

Stončica Bay, on the NE end of the island Vis is one of the safest, deepest and most interesting bays on the island. Right next to the beach there is a small restaurant that will make you come back to Vis. They offer a variety of homemade delicious food. Their specialty is a really unique fish soup.

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