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The End of Summer

Although the summer weather this year was far from the usual, the end of summer should still be celebrated. At the Adriatic it is done by organizing a grand regatta – Regatta Mrduja that will be held for the 83rd time between Split and the islet Mrduja. Local sailors consider it a family tradition.

A Smartphone App That Helps You Improve Sailing Performance

Sailbot Sailing Instrument is a simple and not too expensive application that turns your smartphone or a tablet into a helping sailing instrument. The application is especially useful for those whose sailing boat isn’t equipped with sophisticated sailing instruments and which initial purpose is not racing.

Losing the Rudder in the Middle of the Race

Loosing the rudder in the middle of a race is a very serious issue, especially when it happens during a difficult regatta. The regatta Jabuka is one of the most challenging sailing races in Croatia. It starts in the town of Vodice, in mid November at midnight, travels through the high seas and strong winds of the open sea, around the islet of Jabuka. It is both dangerous and exciting, and can present many dangers.

Transpacific Race – Racing Between the USA and Hawaii

The Transpacific Yacht Race (Transpac) is an offshore yacht race that connects California and the Hawaiian Islands. It is one of the major offshore races, with competitors from all over the world. The race is as demanding as it is exciting, with some fantastic downwind rides along the way.

Regatta Barcolana

Regatta Barcolana, or to be more exact Autumn Cup (Coppa d’Autunno) would be the greatest sailing event at the Adriatic according to the number of contestants and overall participants which refers to almost 2000 boats with some 25000 sailors. It traditionally takes place in the Gulf of Trieste, Italy, on second Sunday in October since 1969.

Welcome, Racing Season – Mrdujska Regata (the Mrduja Race)

Organized by YC Labud from Split, Mrdujska regatta (the Mrduja Race) is one of the oldest sailing races in Europe. Mrduja Race is traditionally taking place on the first weekend in October between Split and the islet Mrduja, situated between islands Brač and Šolta, in Splitska Vrata straight.

Fastnet Race – the Classic Among the Offshore Sailing Races

There are several offshore races that are considered bigger than the rest. They include the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Transpacific Yacht Race, Bermuda Race, Hamilton Island Race Week, Chicago to Mackinac Boat Race, Governors Cup, South Atlantic Race and the famous Fastnet Race. Read more about the latter in the following post!

When Big Boys Play…

To be a champion is an everlasting wish of every kid and every athlete. Esimit Europa 2 is the unbeatable sailing yacht in almost all major sailing events worldwide. Now, she got a new competitor, the Comanche, a brand new high-tech supermaxi.

Middle Sea Race – In the Heart of the Mediterranean

Rolex Middle Sea Race is a major Mediterranean sailing event. This sailing race was founded in 1968 by Paul and John Ripard and Jimmy White, all members of the Royal Malta Yacht Club. The best observation about this race came from Ted Turner.

Would You Like to Compete during Sailing?

Sailing is one of the most demanding competitive sports, but you too can become a competitive sailor. To be a successful competitor, you need to have some sailing skill. Also, you have to be able to work well with other people. It is always a good thing to have a winner’s mentality too. Read this post and you will realize that you as well can participate in sailing competitions.

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