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Addiction to Smartphones vs. Strong Winds. Who Wins?

Smartphones are taking over the sailing world as well. They can be very useful in sailing, but can be quite dangerous when they are used constantly, without regarding basic safety principles of sailing on a yacht. This is a story about how a sailing team lost their phones after a strong gust of wind hit their boat.

St Nicholas: Busy Weekend for Croatian Sailors

St Nicholas’ Day is a busy day on the Croatian coast, especially if it falls on a weekend. St Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, seafarers and fishermen, which is why many sailing events are organized in his honor across the Adriatic. Some of the most interesting events include the 16th edition of Šibenik Regatta, St Nicholas’ Regatta in Biograd and one of the same name in Split. These races attract the best Croatian sailors and are some of the most demanding regattas in the Adriatic.

Wild Oats XI Rides on…

Wild Oats XI has made history by winning the 8th Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. She crossed the finish line after 2 days, 2 hours, 3 minutes and 26 seconds of sailing. The main opponent was the Comanche team led by the experienced Ken Reed and Kelvin Harrap.

Viška regata – One End Means a New Beginning

Viška regata is being held this year from October 17th to October 19th. The regatta starts from Split. The legendary regatta marks the ending of summer and the beginning of the racing season. It is a fun and relaxing regatta filled with laughter and celebration.

Sailing Is Still a Gentlemen’s Sport

A nice story about good manners of sailors in the racecourse. At the 2008 Olympic Games the Danish team’s mast got broken and the Croatian team lent them their boat. The Danes won the Olympic gold medal and the Croatian team won the Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy.

A Chase across the Atlantic – the Transatlantic Race

Oftentimes, people dream of achieving great things with which they could prove their abilities and maturity. Athletes dream of winning the Olympics, mountain climbers of climbing the tallest mountain, footballers of winning the World Cup… To European skippers and sailors, the confirmation of their skill comes by crossing the Atlantic.

Mrduja Regatta

Mrduja Regatta is the oldest and second biggest regatta in Croatia. It takes place in the first weekend in October, signifying the end of summer and marking the beginning of the racing season. The regatta starts from Split, passes between the islands of Brač and Hvar and then turns back. The winner of the 84th edition was Mate Arapov, but, when it comes to Mrduja, it is not that much about competing as it is about participating and preserving the tradition.

Thousand Islands Race – Are There Really a Thousand of Them?

The Thousand Islands Race is having its second edition this year from September 18th to 28th. The racecourse spreads across the 227 Nm long route from Rijeka, Croatia to marina Porto Montenegro in Tivat, Montenegro. The winner will be the one that finds the fastest way to sail between a thousand Adriatic islands.

Over the Top in Sailing World – America’s Cup

The latest edition of America’s Cup is being sailed on ultra-modern AC72 catamarans using cutting edge technology and reaching some 40 knots of speed with the wind between 17 and 20 knots! Comparison between America’s Cup and sailing as we know it is like comparing Formula One to my first car.

Regatés Imperialés – Corsica’s Main Sailing Regatta

Regatés Imperialés first took place in 2003 and have soon become one of the top sailing events not only in France, but also the world. The yachts include several renowned names in the world of sailing: the Firebird (built in 1937 and renovated in 1992), Moonbeam (built in 1920), Lulu, Mariska, Vortex and many others.

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