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On Board First Aid Kit

Although every charter yacht should have a first aid kit on board it pays well if you take your own “onboard ambulance”: sterile bandages, bands, antihistamines, pain-killers, vitamins, activated carbon etc.

Galatea – A Maritime Problem-Solving Center

Galatea Team is a professional help and assistance network that has an international team of experts to solve problems and provide help to skippers. The heart of the Galatea system is a massive data of technical specifications and user manuals. They also have a platform called MyBoats, for smartphone and tablet computers.

A Firefighting Aircraft Accident?

This post is meant to remind you about maritime safety and communication, especially in firefighting aircraft accident. Following rules and regulations ensures the protection of human life and health. If you see an accident on sea, it is important to report your position and status and wait for further instructions by the commanding officer of search and rescue action.

Survival at Sea – The Thrilling Story of Steve Callahan

Steve Callahan survived 76 days adrift on the Atlantic Ocean in a life raft. What helped him survive, among other things, was his ability to see the nice things in the worst situations – he described the night sky over the ocean as “A view of heaven from a seat in hell.”

Safety First – Spinlock Deckvest

Safety onboard is very important. Spinlock Deckvest is an ultra lightweight life jacket equipped with self inflation and simple side donning systems. Spinlock Deckvest can easily be converted to manual only firing mode with Manual Conversion Kit. It should certainly be a part of your personal onboard safety gear.

House Rules On board

How to behave onboard? Why you should follow all the orders by your captain or skipper? Is it just skipper’s ego or his rules matter? Find the set of rules that will keep you, your crew and your skipper happy and, most importantly, safe.

What Will You Take in Case of Emergency?

Hopefully, you will never find yourself in a life-threatening situation when sailing. But you should be prepared for one at all times. On your boat, you should have a backpack or a bag that contains items which can help you survive at sea. These items are meant to keep you alive until the help comes, in case of emergency.

Are You Ready for the Blue Ribbon?

The Blue Ribbon by The Seafarers’ Union of Croatia rewards the individual or the crew for their exceptional bravery and/or good seamanship achieved within the past year during their service. For the year 2014 the winners were Bojan Tasić and the crew of Kehoe Tide.

Kingii Wearable – Salvation around the Wrist

Kingii wristband is a wearable safety device in form of a bracelet. It is practical to wear and will help you to stay afloat in case you fall into water. Perfect for sailors, swimmers and fishermen.

Kiwi Grip Keeps You Aboard

Kiwi Grip is a durable, non-skid coating applicable on wood, glass, plastic, epoxy, concrete or metal. It is manufactured by Non Skid Deck Systems by Pachena and it doesn’t contain any sand, rubber scraps or balls. Kiwi Grip is absolutely non-toxic and reflection-free. It can save your life onboard.

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