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NightSpotter – Onboard Night Vision

NightSpotter Thermal Scope 240 is a thermal camera, very useful for onboard night vision when sailing. It provides very precise image based on thermal energy emission. It can be life-saver in very dangerous MOB situations during the night. The camera can also help you in situations such as sailing at night anchoring during the night in a cove that you do not know that well.

A Life Raft for Two

Seago 2 Men Rescue Raft is the smallest ever rescue raft by the renowned manufacturer of quality marine products Seago. It can hold 2 persons or up to 200 kg of weight. When folded, it is the size of a suitcase. It can get fully inflated in 5 seconds and uses CO2.

MOB Light Saves Lives

MOB (man overboard) light by the English manufacturer Exposure Marine won the design award in the category of life-saving and safety equipment at this year’s Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam. This powerful torch activates when touched and thrown. Its main purpose is to be thrown to a person who fell overboard. It has a light range of 180 m and a strobe light that can reach up to 5 NM.

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