sailing clothing and footwear

Aqua-Go Mist Shoes

Shoes and Sailing

Aqua-Go Mist G2 Performance Sailing Shoes are new sailing shoes that are designed to prevent feet from getting wet. They are made by the British manufacturer Chatham and incorporate new fast-drying materials, which also maintain the temperature of your feet, as well as drainage holes for water to disperse. They could be excellent in combination with DexShell socks.

Gloves Are for Nitwits!

Wearing sailing gloves is not only for rookies, but also for experienced sailors who don’t want to have burned and sore hands. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can easily find the ones that best suit your needs. They will boost your efficiency onboard and are a good decision in both hot and cold weather.


On Board Work Wear and Fashion Wear

Clothes worn on board must have certain features in order to be useful. The design and appearance here come to the second plan. Summer sailing clothes should be made of breathable and water-resistant but comfortable materials, preferably UV protected. Winter sailing clothes has to keep us dry and warm.