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The Spirit Never Dies

Today’s post brings you a story about a boat called Hir 3. Mladen Šutej, a great sailor, used it to sail the entire world. His journeys on Hir 3 ended after the war in Croatia started, but the story of the famous red boat did not end there. Read the post and find out what happened to it later.

That’s My Caprice!

Most people follow a certain pattern in life – they grow up, finish their education, get a job and start a family. They all have their dreams, but, for some reason, they are afraid to realize them, and then grow old and regret not trying. This is a story about a man who believed his guts and got what he wanted.

An Incredible and Brave Adventure of Nikola Primorac

On June 2nd, 1870 captain Nikola Primorac, a sailor from Dubrovnik, started his voyage across the Atlantic ocean in a small boat, 6.09 m long and 1.82 m wide. He started in Liverpool, reached New York and went back to Liverpool, making him the first sailor to cross the Atlantic in both directions in the smallest boat in the world.

Infographic: Fascinating Shipwrecks

Tragically, some of the most remarkable ocean liners ever built have gone down in history not for their impressive structure, but because they sank with the loss of hundreds of lives. It is quite haunting, and yet eerily fascinating, to see such mighty ships now permanently consigned to the bottom of the ocean. This infographic from EFYC highlights some of the most famous shipwrecks in history.

Blue Monday – Where Does It Come From?

The third Monday of the year is usually called Blue Monday. It is said that this is the most depressing day of the year. This belief was a part of sailing and seafaring custom of punishing undisciplined sailors on any other day but Monday.

The Yacht – The Meaning and the Origin of the Word

This post is about the meaning and the origin of the word “yacht”. This word comes from the Dutch word “jacht” which means “hunt”. There is also an interesting story about the connection between the British king Charles II and the origin of the word “yacht”.

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