sailing recipe

Fishermen’s Brodet

Brodet is the most typical Dalmatian dish. It is made from fish, and can be translated as “fish stew”. There are numerous types of brodet, so there is a possibility that you will never eat the same brodet twice. In the following blog post, we bring you an old recipe for fishermen’s brodet, which used to be made on trawlers.


Long and Smooth – Let’s Talk about Tagliatelle

Tagliatelle, long and smooth pasta from the regions of Emilia Romagna and Marche in Italy, can be served with many different sauces. Our skipper decided to make tagliatelle with olives. After you cook the pasta, fry some pancetta on olive oil, add garlic and one bay leaf. When everything is done, add green olives, pickled capers, salted anchovies and olive oil. Simple but delicious!

Tasty Toast – Sailing Recipe for Bruschetta

When you have leftover bread on your charter yacht you can use it for a bait or as food for fish. Even better, you can use it to make bruschette – a traditional antipasto (starter/appetizer) in Italy. There are a lot of different ways of preparing bruschette – the roasted bread, tomato, basil and olive oil are the base. Then you add anything you like!