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Shell Shaped Pasta in Salad with Shells

A simple and delicious recipe can be made with only a few ingredients. For all shell lovers, we have for you today shell shaped pasta with mussels. As always, the sauce is the soul of the meal, so follow the steps and you will have an amazing meal ready in just a few minutes.

Easy Sailing Recipe – Pasta in a Thousand Ways

Probably the most loved and the most cooked food during sailing week is pasta. Pasta onboard is very useful because it is very simple to cook it; it is usually served with some kind of sauce which makes it a complete meal. The simplest recipe for pasta would be spaghetti aglio e olio – with garlic and oil.

Sausages and Peppers – No Hot Dog, Just a Salad

Last summer I helped an inexperienced crew moor a boat, so they invited me to dinner to thank me. They decided to make a salad with sausages and peppers. You cook the sausages, cut green and red peppers, add some onion rings and make a delicious dressing with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, mustard, garlic, salt and pepper.

Minestrone – What Could That Be?

Minestrone is basically a vegetable soup. It originates from Italy and literally translated it means a big soup, so it can be served as a main course. Minestrone consists of vegetables, but if you want to enrich it add some dried Istrian sausage or dried beef meat. Feel free to share your ideas and impressions.

Fish Swims Well with Pasta – Farfalle with Anchovies

Farfalle, a bow-tie shaped pasta, is great because the shape of the pasta enables fine merging with the sauce. Make the sauce with marinated olives, garlic, peeled cut tomatoes, salt, pepper and a glass of dry white wine. Then add the tiny sliced marinated or salted anchovies and dry oregano leaves. This meal goes great with a glass of dark red wine.

Cooking Aboard and Eating Out on Your Sailing Trip

It is recommended to browse sailing sites, forums, blogs and comments on social networks on the gastronomic offer of the region you are about the sail prior to taking off. Your friend’s advice or an advice of your charter agent is also a good lead not to be disappointed with eating out.

When Prawns Fall in Love with Green Noodles

Shrimps or prawns are one of the favorite Mediterranean sea food and can be prepared in many ways. Prawns go great with green noodles. They should be prepared in a warm deep pan on olive oil and served with a glass of cold white wine. Some chefs like to add smoked or marinated salmon.

Meat Risotto as a Substitute for Seafood

Meat risotto is a perfect meal for everyone who likes a little change from the traditional seafood meals on a charter yacht. Like most of Dalmatian and Mediterranean meals, you should simmer the cut onions, add meat and fry it so it releases its flavor. Then add the rice and simmer it together until it absorbs the flavors of the meat.

You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me – That Simple?

What to do with a jar full of freshly caught and marinated anchovies? Well, just grate some fresh carrots, put a little capers, add the anchovies and some homemade olive oil. You can also add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Healthy, delicious and refreshing!

Sailing as an Inspiration for Cooking ‘Bolognese’

Our skipper brings you new ideas for another great and easy meal onboard. Bolognese sauce is easy to make but tasteful, and it goes great with spaghetti or fusilli. With a little imagination and experimentation you can make a wonderful new meal. Don’t be afraid to try some of these ideas and share with us your comments.

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