sailing traditions

A Tattoo is Not a Decoration

Sailors’ fashion of tattooing has a long tradition. The old saying goes: “A sailor without a tattoo is like a boat without grog.” Only sailors that crossed the Atlantic have been allowed to put an anchor tattoo. The symbol of the North Star was believed to help sailors find their way home. They were much more than decoration for the seafarers.

night sailing

Navigare Necesse Est

NAS Sailing Center is an organization that offers you something completely different from standard yacht charter and sailing schools. With them, you can learn a lot about not only modern sailing but also traditional sailing, history and ecology.

Multiple Parties for Just One Regatta

Here is a story about everything but ordinary regatta that takes place between the Croatian islands of Dugi Otok, Ugljan and Pašman – Gladuša. The special thing about this small but interesting regatta is that there are live concerts and parties the night before the race. It is also a very traditional regatta so you won’t miss the traditional march Tovareća mužika or Donkey’s music.