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Onboard Water Supplies and Consumption

Prepare yourself for your sailing holidays by learning how to save water onboard.

Beneteau Platu25 – Guaranteed Excitement

Beneteau Platu25 is a sailing yacht recognized as a global sailing class and an excellent choice for rookies, intermediate sailors and experienced competitors. This ”fast beast” is perfect for crews of five and for daily or weekend sailing. Platu25 is a current growing trend among smaller yachts.


Winning Formula for Family Cruising – Jeanneau 440

Award-winning Jeanneau 440 is a sailing yacht ideal for your relaxing holidays with friends and family.

You Get a Little More with More 55

Croatia is not yet established on the sailing yachts market, but each yacht that comes from this country leaves a mark in the sailing world. One of those yachts will definitely be More 55. It is a performance cruiser built to satisfy all those who expect high speeds and racing, as well as those who prefer easy handling and leisure family  sailing. This concept is the latest trend in the industry. Learn more about the yacht!

Monohull Sailing Yacht – Pros and Cons

For those who have classical approach but modern point of view, sailing monohull sailing yacht would completely fulfill their expectations. It is often more important to carefully choose those you are about to sail with than to choose the type of the sailing yacht!

Problems with Steering your Sailing Yacht

Sailing a yacht is usually a pleasant and relaxed experience. However, sometimes problems related to steering can occur. The inability to steer a yacht can be of mechanical and electronic nature. Some of those issues can be solved by people who are aboard the yacht, but some of them demand a call for help. Learn more about how to fix steering problems.

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