How Far Does Skippers’ Responsibility Extend?

I was hired by a certain business group to be a skipper on one of their yachts on a team building trip. We were the last one to sail out because we were waiting for a crew member. That person decided to catch up with those who started drinking earlier. In the end, no serious harm was done, but it is important to say that different safety rules apply for onboard behaviour.

Sailing Refreshment Program

If you have a sailing license, but have never really sailed, or have not sailed for a long time, you might want to refresh your memory. To help you with that, there are a lot sailing refreshment programs, which usually last a week and will give you confidence to start sailing on your own again.

How I Became a Skipper

The question you get asked the most, as a skipper, is how you decided to become one.  I believe it is because of my connection with sea and sailing – my grandfather was a respected captain and so was my mother’s uncle. I believe I have loved sailing all my life, I just wasn’t aware of it.

Female skipper

Female Skipper

A family chartered a boat and got a female skipper. The father of the family was very disrespectful to the female skipper and said that he does not trust them, that they are incompetent. In the end, the female skipper just left, not wanting to stand there and be insulted. A surprisingly rude and chauvinistic behavior for the century we live in.