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Oysters without Decoration

Decoration is a very important aspect of serving the food. Nowadays, we can see all over social media people posting photos of their wonderful dishes. There are some types of food, however, which are their own decoration. Oysters are one such dish.

An Inland Marina – ACI Marina Skradin

ACI Marina Skradin is a unique marina in Croatia. It does not lie directly in the Adriatic, but is situated deep in the mainland, on the river Krka. The marina is surrounded by a spectacular canyon which leads further into Krka National Park, a wonder of nature that simply has to be visited.

Sailing into the Mainland – River Krka

Sailing from Šibenik, Croatia through the mouth of river Krka brings the exquisite experience of steering the yacht between steep banks of Krka being given a chance to experience amazing scenery.

Sailing the Šibenik Archipelago

What can you visit on a sailing trip around the Šibenik archipelago and Šibenik area? Two national parks are a must-see: Kornati and Krka. Eat in Prvić Luka, and visit the islands of Smokvica, Kaprije, Tijat and Žirje.

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