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No.1 Vacation Destination: This Adriatic Jewel Will Take Your Breath Away


The US Travel Magazine ranked Šolta first among Top 50 World Vacation Destinations in 2018.

Discovering Island Interiors

When people visit islands on their sailing trips, they oftentimes just stick to the coast and the nearby restaurants. That is a shame because island interiors can hide just as spectacular secrets as the coast. One of the great ways to discover entire islands is by bike. Read our skipper’s suggestion on what to see withing some of the Croatian islands!

Central Adriatic Route – a Little Bit of Everything


Central Adriatic is regarded by many to be one of the most interesting sailing destinations in the world. Visiting all of its beauties in one go could be a bit challenging, but our skipper has prepared a route will enable you to visit this magical region.

Livka Bay – The Pay Toll at the Gate of Split

If you are passing the Gate of Split, one of the busiest straits in the Adriatic, separating the islands Šolta and Brač, you will probably want to anchor in Livka. It is the southernmost bay on Šolta and a regular spot for swim breaks. Our skipper advises you where it is the best to anchor, so take a look!

Where to Eat in Rogač, Šolta

Rogač is the main port of Šolta island. Unfortunately, it only has one restaurant, the very good Pasarela, which cannot receive all visitors. Luckily, there is one more restaurant in the area. It is called Momčin dvor and is situated in the nearby village Grohote. Just like the village, the tavern has an old-fashioned atmosphere that witnesses the village’s rich agricultural past. The owners of the tavern keep the island’s tradition of simple meals.

Dynamic Sailing Route in the Adriatic

Hvar at night

Sailing can be so much more than gliding the sea and sunbathing on the deck. Our skipper offers you his proposal for a special sailing route in Central Adriatic that includes adrenaline activities and exciting nightlife, mixed with calmer nights in smaller Adriatic towns. This route is ambitious and challenging, but is perfect for everybody who is seeking an unforgettable sailing experience!

Eating in the Highlands of Šolta

Štandarac tavern

One of the best places to eat on the Croatian island of Šolta is definitely a tavern called Štandarac. It is situated in the village of Gornje Selo, close to the highest peak of the island. There, guests can try the traditional food prepared under peka. The specialties of the restaurant include veal under peka and octopus under peka. You can try food prepared in other styles as well, and many ingredients are produced domestically. Whatever you eat, just announce your arrival in advance.

Šešula – a Calm Bay on Šolta Island

Šešula bay

Šešula is a small bay on the Croatian island of Šolta. It is popular among lovers of sailing because it is deep enough to protect from all winds. The old-fashioned way of anchoring with tying the stern ashore is still possible in the deepest and the calmest cove of the bay. A very good restaurant called Šišmiš is situated in the bay. Make sure you try their fish dishes, just announce your arrival in advance. They will even assist you with mooring and offer you free overnight stay on a buoy after the dinner.

Jorja Bay – A Nice Shelter for Your Yacht and Tastebuds on the island of Šolta

Entrance to Jorja bay

Jorja is a small bay situated on the west coast of the Croatian island of Šolta. At first sight, it looks deserted, but is actually an excellent protection from northerly, westerly and easterly winds, and home to Kike’s taver, which serves perhaps the best brudet (seafood stew) in the Adriatic.

Nečujam – the Largest Bay on Šolta Island

Necujam bay, Solta, Croatia

Nečujam is the largest bay on the Croatian island of Šolta. It used to be very popular among the Roman nobility, which included the Roman emperor Diocletian. Nowadays, this bay is a favorite for the citizens of Split and houses more than 2,000 summer homes. Likewise, it is very visited in high season by day-trip boats. Because it gets crowded during the season, visit it after the summer ends to get the same experience as the Roman nobility did!

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